Basic Arts

The Rockcastle County Basic Arts Program is a comprehensive initiative that includes academic instruction in the areas of music, dance, drama, and visual arts. The program was originally launched in 1989 with grant funding and included only the fundamentals of music and visual arts, but has expanded to its current status over the years and is currently sustained with funding from the local district. Instruction in the arts is based on a district curriculum aligned with state standards and is nationally recognized by the President’s Committee for Arts & Humanities.

While instruction in the arts is implemented by staff at each school throughout the academic year, it is supplemented by the district program and Mr. Allen Pensol, the Basic Arts Coordinator. He works with staff at each school to assist in arts instruction and integration with other subject areas. He also works with groups of students in a variety of arts activities, providing enrichment experiences and expanding their knowledge and use of creativity. He schedules activities at each school to increase knowledge, participation, and enjoyment of students, parents, and community members in the arts.

District Arts programming and arts-based activities include:

  • Parent/Student Arts Nights
  • Arts and Humanities Observance—October
  • Youth Art Month Observance—March
  • High School and Middle School Touring Theatres
  • Artist Residencies
  • Kentucky Music Hall of Fame & Museum Partnership
  • UNITE Presents (anti-drug and character-building performances)
  • ROCK TV (middle school)
  • High School and Middle School Chautauqua Series
  • High School Athletes’ “Rocket Readers” Literacy Initiative
  • Public Library Preschool Partnership

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