Academic Team Excels at District 46 Governor’s Cup

The RCHS Academic Team recently competed in District 46 Governor’s Cup.  The Quick Recall Team finished 2nd  – this team consists of Joy Frith, Mahala King, Katie Vance, Brendan Kirby and Dalton Childress – Katie Vance was the high scorer.  The Future Problem Solving Team also finished 2nd – this team consists of Tessa Pickle, Mahala King, Tim Moore and Brendan Kirby.

Students were also successful in written assessment:

  • Tessa Pickle placed 2nd in Composition and 5th in Language Arts
  • Mahala King placed 3rd in Arts & Humanities
  • Katie Vance placed 4th in Arts & Humanities and 4th in Social Studies

All of these students will be advancing to Regional Competition February 18th.

Back Row:  Tim Moore, Brendan Kirby, Dalton Childress Front Row:  Katie Vance, Joy Frith, Tessa Pickle, Mahala King



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