Mt. Vernon Message Feb. 7, 2017

After School Tutoring is each Thursday until 4:30.

Please remember to put your child’s name inside his/her coat.  Sometimes they take them off and forget them and it’s hard to find the owner without a name inside.

In the case of any school closings and/or early dismissals due to inclement weather, please listen to the following radio stations: AM 1460, AM630, FM92.9 and FM100.1 Also, watch tv stations 18, 27, 36 and/or 56.

MVES Archery is in full swing.  Practices are every Monday after school until 5 with an optional practice on February 10.  The state competition will be held on February 11th at Lincoln County High School.

FRC Jump Rope Club meets each Tuesday.  Pick up is at 4:30.

Mrs. Kathy’s and Mrs. Kaci’s classes have completed another month of Book It Reading.  The students read and completed book reports for 109 books during the month of January.  They have read a grand total of 450 BOOKS since October!! The following students met their reading goal for January:  Kyley Ashcraft, Lexi Burkhart, Jazzline Durham, Lucas Clark, Trey Cole, Abby Miller, Katie Valle, Aidann Lear, Zaden Graham, Josiah McClure, Zander Graham, Brady Valentine and Zane Bullock.  Way to go!!!

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