10th Annual EKU Cadet Stakes

The Rockcastle County Raider Team traveled to Richmond, Kentucky on September 27, 2014 to compete in the 10th Annual EKU Cadet Stakes.  Out of 41 schools, Rockcastle County had both Varsity and Junior Varsity Raider Teams in attendance. Each team competed in six events over the course of the day.

The first event was the Modified Army Physical Fitness Test. Ten members of each team have to perform the maximum number of push-ups and sit-ups in one minute. Then, each cadet completed a cross country timed one mile run.

The next event of the day was the one rope bridge. A ten person team had to construct a one rope bridge across a muddy ditch, and then, each member with given equipment had to cross the one rope bridge, trying to get the fastest time as possible without any penalties.

The third event of the EKU Cadet Stakes was the boat operations. In this event, each team of ten cadets had to navigate a metal raft in a pond around an obstacle and return to the starting point by pulling the boat out of the water up a steep embankment and crossing the finish line.

After the boat operations segment of the competition, the cadets had to navigate a Cross Country Rescue Course. There were three segments for this event. For the first segment, cadets had to buddy up and carry each other in a fireman’s carry approximately 100 meters. During the second segment of the course, the team had to wade across a pond to get to the final segment of the course. In the final segment, the cadets had to carry a field litter with a dummy on it and cross the finish line.

The second to last event of the day was the Mystery Event. Cadets do not know the given tasks they must perform until arriving at the given site for this event. Team members had to fill up a water jug only using cups and running to the given jug and dumping the water in it. There was a ping pong ball in the bottom of the jug and the task was to get the water level up until the ping pong ball could float freely. Then, cadets took pieces of PVC pipe and transferred the ping pong ball without dropping it onto the ground to a designated “injured” team mate. After that, one member was tasked to carry the “wounded” team mate to a waiting field litter. Upon arriving at the field litter, all but one cadets were blindfolded. The blindfolded cadets could not speak and the team had to navigate a simulated mine field. The one cadet who was not blindfolded guided the team through the given obstacle.  Then, all cadets took their blindfolds off and had to carry a section of a telephone pole about 100 meters to the finish line.

The last event of the day was the Tug-of-War. Teams went head to head in a single elimination tournament against all other schools.

The Raider team traveled home that day with sunburns, muddy uniforms, and the knowledge that they did their best. The Mighty Raider Teams gave their 100 % best and represented the Rock Nation with pride!

Varsity Team Members: Holden Abrams, Addison Atkin, Victoria Barron, Marina Blevins, Jeremiah Caudill, Marty Cole, Dillon Doan, Josh England, Tiffany Horn, Joseph Pearson, Keavin Webb.

Junior Varsity Team Members: Clarie Beichler, Kyle Cash, Elijah Didelot, Ethan Fain, Tabitha Henson, Tim Henson, Marybeth Hurst, Brianna Lay, Desiree Mason, Anthony Morris, Nathaniel Morrison , Zachary Nelson, Andrew Sizemore, Adrianne Walker.

The cadets would like to thank Captain Jeffery Thompson and Sergeant First Class Keith Graves for providing transportation and for taking the time out of their busy schedules to make this event possible.


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