Brodhead FRC Receives Operation RoundUp Grant

Brodhead Elementary Family Resource Center recently received a grant in the amount of $1000 from Jackson Energy Operation RoundUP Grant Program.

Jackson Energy Board member, Phil Thompson presented the donation to BES FRC Coordinator Satica Morgan.BES RoundUP Grant
“Operation RoundUp is an easy way for co-op members to give a small amount each month to
deserving individuals and organizations in their local communities,” said Carol Wright, President
& CEO of Jackson Energy Cooperative.

Operation RoundUp works when co-op members voluntarily have their electric bill rounded to
an even dollar amount. For example, if a bill was $122.62 and the member had volunteered to
participate in RoundUp, it would automatically be rounded up to $123. The additional 38¢ would go directly into the RoundUp account. The average contribution over time is approximately 50¢ per month.
The donated funds go directly into a trust account that can only be used for grant funding. This
account is administered by a seven-person Board of Trustees who meet quarterly to review grant
applications. Any individual or community group with a worthwhile project can apply for

More than $150,000 has been donated to area community service projects since Jackson Energy
began this program in 2003.

For more information on Operation RoundUp call 1-800-262-7480, or log on to Jackson
Energy’s web site,

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