2014-2015 School Calendar Approved, Updates Regarding 2013-2014 Calendar

Linked below is the 2014-2015 School Calendar that was approved by the Rockcastle County Board of Education during the March 11, 2014 board meeting.

2014-2015 School Calendar

Following the approval of the 2014-15 School Calendar, Mr. Pensol and district staff gave an update on the current 2013-2014 School Calendar regarding the following issues.   Currently we have missed 25 days of school due to inclement weather making the last instructional day for students June 13.  Closing day is now set for June 17.  There are now five bills (that we are aware of) aimed at offering calendar relief to schools due to the harsh winter.  Yesterday HB 410 passed the House Education Committee; however, we (the District) have been told by various folks at the state level, that the final legislation will probably look quite different than the bill that moved out of committee yesterday.  With that being said, we do anticipate some relief will be given from the legislature in the form of “disaster days”; however, the details of that relief may not be known until the end of the legislative session.  We want to assure everyone that when the final details of the options available to us are known we will (as quickly as possible) put together a proposal to present to the Board of Education that provides the best possible instructional time for students and best accommodates the interest of families and staff.

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