2019 GRC Raider & Rifle Competition

Twenty-three Cadets from the RCHS Raider and Biathlon teams competed in the 2019 GRC Raider & Rifle competition the 15th of April at the Fort Boonesborough State Park in Richmond, Kentucky.

The Cadets competing for the Raider team were Cadets Amber Doan, Kensie Sheffield, Jasmine Ashcraft, Zach Poyle, Chanler Cole, Eli Price, Caleb Tompkins, Benton Kuntz, Jacob Lamb, Hunter Medley, Cody Morris, and Cager Doan.

The Cadets competing for Biathlon Team One were Cadets Damien Johnson, Austin Vanwinkle, Jacob Rice, and Hayley Allen.

The Cadets competing for Biathlon Team Two were Cadets Aleya Powell, Paige Fowler, Sarah Pride, and Richie Clouse.

The first event of the day was the ACFT, or the Army Combat Fitness Test, which was a multi-stage event that started with a crab-walk, then 10 sit-ups, a backwards run, squats, stairs run, a gas-can carry, and 10 burpees.

Afterwards was the APFT, or the Army Physical Fitness Test, which involved several stages of activities meant to test a Cadet’s combat fitness abilities.

Next was the Biathlon tournament, where Rifle team Cadets had to complete a half-mile run with two rucksacks, two 9-lbs bags, and an ammo can before being able to shoot.

During the Biathlon, the Raider team participated in a group run carrying heavy rucks and equipment along the Kentucky River. Pacing was important as Cadets had to stay together as a group in order to finish successfully.

Once the group run was over, Raiders competed in a rope bridge competition where Cadets had to work closely and quickly in order to set up and slide across a rope strung between two trees.

The last event of the day was the mountain trek. Cadets had to pack heavy boxes and equipment through a narrow trail that snaked around the compound. Along the path were various obstacles meant to slow Cadets down and test their group cooperation skills.

Congratulations to the Raider team for placing 2nd overall in the rope bridge challenge and to the Rifle team for placing 1st and 2nd overall in the Biathlon tournament. All Cadets who competed performed excellently! Thanks to the Cadets from George Rogers Clark for setting up and maintaining the event.


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