Alvin C. York Agricultural Institute Drill Meet 2014

On Saturday December 6th, the Rockcastle County JROTC Drill Team traveled to Jamestown, Tennessee to compete in the Alvin C. York Drill Agricultural Institute Drill Meet. The Mighty Rocket Drill Team competed in six events throughout the course of the day on Saturday: Squad Inspection, Squad Regulation Drill, Color Guard, Solo Exhibition, Armed IDR Knockout, and Academic Competition.

During the Squad Inspection, eight squad members and one commander were inspected by Drill Sergeants in the Army Reserve. A Drill Sergeant would inspect each cadet’s uniform and ask general knowledge questions about JROTC, military history, and current events. The cadets were graded on their military bearing, confidence, and their professionalism.

In Squad Regulation phase, 8 squad members and 1 commander marched in a given sequence around the drill floor. The squad was graded by their sharpness in their marching skills, their military bearing, and how well they followed the given sequence.

The Drill Team’s Varsity and Junior Varsity Color Guards competed in the Color Guard phase. A Color Guard consists of 4 cadets; two cadets are the guards and the other two carrying the State and National flags. Each Color Guard is graded according to the given marching sequence, their professionalism, sharpness, and how well they can execute commands.

During the Solo Exhibition phase of the competition, each cadet competes individually on how well they can spin a drill rifle, how well their routine is, and the sharpness of their drill.

Armed IDR (Individual Drill Regulation) Knockout, is when all cadets compete against one another to see who can execute basic drill commands the best. Drill Sergeants grade this event and they will check how well each cadet’s military bearing is and how sharp they are with the rifle.

During the Academic portion of the competition, five cadets worked as a team to answer a set of questions over military history, current events, and basic Junior ROTC knowledge.

Over ten teams from different schools across Kentucky and Tennessee competed in the annual Drill Meet. Rockcastle County did exceptional in this competition. The Varsity Color Guard placed fourth overall, the Academic Team placed 4th overall, and Solo Exhibitionist Addison Atkin placed first overall.


The following cadets competed from Rockcastle County in the Sergeant York Drill Meet: Addison Atkin, Nathaniel Barnett, Tori Barron, Clare Beichler, Stephen Blevins, Kaytlyn Davidson, Robert Davis, Elijah Didelot, Jacob Durham, Dana Hatfield, Tabatha Henson, Tim Henson, Will Martin, Desiree Mason, Will Merritt, Dakota Messinger, Lyndsay Newcomb, Zach Pheanis, Shetarra Prickett, Austin Ramsey, Amber Rice, Andrew Sizemore, and Kiara Welch.


Pictured Above: The Rockcastle County Squad reports out during the Squad Regulation Phase of the competition.


Cadet Addison Atkin performs his 1st Place Solo Exhibition routine.

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