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This document will be updated regularly. Please continue to check this page for updates.

1.  Will preschool have the option to do online learning?

No. Online learning is for K-12 students only.

2.  Will the school district be purchasing masks for each student?

Yes. Each student will receive a cloth mask displaying their school mascot.

3.  Will students be allowed to wear their own mask?

Yes. School specific cloth masks will be purchased for students, however families may purchase their own masks, provided they meet all school dress code requirements. No signs, slogans or symbols will be allowed on masks. Specific student needs will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

4. How will sanitation of mask be monitored?

Based on health and safety guidance, families will be responsible for washing their child’s masks.

5.  Do families need to purchase a laptop to enroll in the Online/Virtual Learning Platform?

Families are encouraged to use their own technology device if they have one. If not, Rockcastle County Schools will provide a Chromebook.

6.  If my child is enrolled in the Online/Virtual Learning Platform, can they use their phone to complete work?

No. A phone does not allow students to fully access the platform.

7.  If my child enrolls in the Online/Virtual Learning Platform, how long must they stay enrolled?

If this option is chosen, students must stay enrolled for at least one semester which equals 18 weeks.

8.  How much time must a student spend engaged in the Online/Virtual Learning Platform?

A student must be actively engaged in learning for 4 hours each day or 20 hours per week. This will be monitored by Rockcastle County Schools.

9.  If a student is enrolled in the Online/Virtual Learning Platform, will they have access to a teacher?

Yes. A Rockcastle County Schools teacher will be available to assist students during school hours.

10.  Will there be a hybrid option allowing for both in person and online learning?

At this time, there will only be a Traditional and a Virtual option provided. If it is determined that we do not have the spacing to accommodate all of the students, 6 feet apart, that choose a Traditional Track, then an alternating schedule may be utilized.

11.  If my child begins school in a traditional setting and we decide that due to COVID-19 that option is not best for our family, can we enroll in the Virtual/Online Learning Platform?


12.  My child has respiratory issues, will they be required to wear a mask while at school?

Masks will be required of all students 1st-12th grade unless exempt with a doctor’s statement.

13.  Will preschool services be provided?

Yes. More information about Preschool will be provided by mid-July. To enroll your student in Preschool, please click the link provided.

14.  If my child comes to school in a Traditional manner, will they have to wear a mask all day?

Students in grades 1st-12th will be required to wear a mask anytime that they are moving around or if they are within 6 feet of another person. If students are all seated in the classroom and are spaced 6 feet apart they will be allowed to pull their mask down.

15.  Are students allowed to wear face shields instead of face masks?

No. The guidance from the Department of Public Health states that the risk of passing respiratory particles from one person to another is not adequately reduced while wearing a face shield.

16.  If my child receives Special Education Services, will they still receive those services if enrolled in the Online/Virtual Learning Platform?

Yes. The details of how these services will be provided are being developed. Information will be communicated as soon as possible.

17.  Will there be an instructional video for parents to learn more about the Online/Virtual Learning Platform?

Each family that enrolls in the Online/Virtual Learning Platform will be personally contacted by a Rockcastle County Schools staff member. A training will be provided to outline expectations and to help parents and students understand the program.

18.  Will my child receive the same quality of education if they are enrolled in the Online/Virtual Learning Platform as they would if they attend school in a Traditional manner?

The Online/Virtual Learning Platform is aligned to the Kentucky Academic Standards and is user-friendly, but there is no replacement for a caring, classroom teacher who builds a relationship with your child. This is an option that we are providing due to the health and safety concerns surrounding COVID-19.

19.  Will my child have recess?

Recess times will be staggered so that students are on the playground with their classmates only. When students are outside and 6 feet apart, masks are not required. Students will be required to wash their hands before going out to play and immediately upon return to the school building.

20.  Will my child still receive school breakfast and lunch if they are enrolled in the Online/Virtual Learning Platform?

Yes. All Rockcastle County School students will receive free breakfast and free lunch. We are working daily with the Kentucky Department of Education to determine how those meals will be provided.

21.  Can my child participate in school sports/extra-curricular activities if they are enrolled in the Online/Virtual Learning Platform?

Students who are enrolled in the virtual/online platform WILL BE permitted to participate in extra-curricular activities/sports. Student participants must adhere to the rules of each activity/sport as if they were attending school in-person.

22.  When will school supply lists be available?

All Rockcastle County elementary schools will provide needed supplies. RCMS/RCHS supply lists will be publicized as they are available.

23.  What about electives? Will the virtual learning platform offer both core and elective courses?

Our virtual learning platform offers both core and elective classes for students.

24.  If we select Option 1 (in-school), will my child attend school 8:00-3:00, Monday-Friday?

Yes, as long as we have adequate space for social distancing. If it is determined that we do not have the spacing to accommodate all of the students, 6 feet apart, then an alternating schedule may be utilized.

25.  How will breakfast and lunch be served?

At this time, we have not finalized the details of how meals will be served. Many of the same popular menu options will be still be prepared by food service staff.  Food Service staff will work closely with the local health department to ensure the highest level of safety and sanitation. Schools will communicate food service plans as they are finalized.

26.  Can households with multiple children choose multiple options?

Yes. Families should choose an option for each child based on their individual learning needs.

27.  When will I know if my child has been accepted to the preschool program?

Parents will know if children are accepted to preschool once they have completed the preschool screening. Screenings have not yet been scheduled, but will hopefully occur in the next couple of weeks. You can enroll your child by completing the online registration or calling your child’s school.

To enroll your student in Preschool, please click the link provided below.

28. For Option 2 (virtual learning), will one laptop/device be enough for multiple students?

Yes, but it is recommended that each child have their own device. Chromebooks are available for students that do not have their own device.

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