Berea College Students Visit RCMS BRAVO Classes

Berea College students Anne Otieno, Mursal Gul, and Abigael Keith visited with students in Mrs. Vanessa Bullock’s BRAVO classes during their study of human rights violations. Otieno, of Kenya, Africa, told how many women’s rights to education were stripped when they were forced to get married as young as age 10! Gul, a native of Afghanistan, described child labor in her country. Her brother, an activist with Humans Rights Watch, is currently working to end child labor in Afghanistan, and Gul plans to earn her degree at Berea, then join in this noble cause. Keith, who is an American citizen, was adopted from China as a child, and shared her experience with the students. Their presentations were a most enlightening culmination to this unit on human rights violations – globally and locally.

berea college students

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