BES 3rd Graders Explore Story Elements of Literature

Third grade students at Brodhead Elementary School have been studying the story elements of literature. In order for Mrs. Starla’s students to prove what they have learned and for them to develop a deep understanding of the story elements, each student deconstructed their favorite book. During this deconstruction, students created a water bottle character at home with their families. They read the book together and talked about the main characters physical and personality traits. Students then began to think about the setting of their book. Doing this they create a setting diorama; using a shoe box, craft supplies, and lots of creativity. Next each student created a tri-fold presentation board that highlighted the plot, summary, setting, main character, and key vocabulary. Finally, students brought their creations together to present their book to their classmates. This project-based learning experience, naturally created conversations about the story elements of literature at school and at home. These exceptional kiddos were excited to share their books and to now read the books their classmates have shared.

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