BES Cashes in Campbell’s Soup Labels

The Brodhead Elementary PTG recently cashed in Campbell’s Soup Labels. With these labels they were able to purchase several items for outside use at recess or on field trips to parks.  There are three bags full of reactional items to be shared between the grades.  Each bag contains six gator skin dodge balls, one kick ball, one soccer ball and two hop skipper.  There are also two large parachutes for everyone to share. Along with these items they were also able to get Mr. Charles eighteen gator skin dodge balls, a basketball, soccer ball, kick ball and two tether balls for Gym class.  They were fortunate to get all of these items for FREE. This was an estimated value of $1,500.00 for all the items we received.   Please continue to bring in Soup Label’s and Box tops, because of these two great programs allow the PTG to continue to purchase items for FREE.


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