BES Door Hanger Painting Party Fundraiser

Door Hanger Painting Party
November 3, 2016
BES Cafeteria
6:00-8:00 PM

Brodhead Elementary PTG invites you to join us for a fun night of painting!  Choose from 9 designs, cost per painting is $25. All materials, as well as snacks will be provided!

Important: In order to give our host time to cut and primer the door hangers, all orders and money must be submitted to Angie King at BES by October 12, 2016. You may send check or money to BES include your name and choice of hanger. To make any other arrangements for payment or orders, please contact Angie @ 606-308-3738 or

door hangers

Deadline for orders is Oct. 12, 2016 Choices include, Name Hanger, Snowman, Mason Jar, Pencil, Ornament, Kentucky, Paw, Stocking or Cross

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