BES Native American Culture Day

The sounds of drumming, introductions to Native American life, and a vision of a teepee occupied the Brodhead Elementary courtyard providing the elementary students a first-hand look at the Native American culture as a part of National American Indian Heritage Week.

The event attracted outside resources and community members to Brodhead Elementary, who came to demonstrate Native American culture, through samples of sounds, sites, stories, and ideas of the Native American life and culture. Special guests included Mr. Buzz Carloftis (Rockcastle County Judge Executive), Mr. Doug Brock (Local Businessman), and Mrs. Susan Mullins (Mohawk Indian).

Experiences that the students enjoyed included visiting a teepee, playing authentic drums, listening to legends, creating Native American art (pictograph stories), and participating in traditional dances.

Mr. Buzz Carloftis shared his experiences of owning and growing up around Fort Sequoyah Trading Post on the Rockcastle River. Conferring with ways to use the materials that the land provides to create new products to trade or sell, Mr. Carloftis also discussed the connections between Rockcastle County and Native American tribes. Through story students discovered that two of the three major Native American trails of the southeastern part of the United States ran through Rockcastle County.

Mr. Doug Brock, a member of the Southeastern Kentucky Shawnee Tribe, offered Native American artifacts that represented various principles of healing for the Native American, examples of healing rocks, and pipes. Mr. Brock also presented a dance demonstration for students understanding of Native American rituals, superstitions, and ceremonies.

Students appreciated getting to know Mrs. Susan Mullins, who as a Mohawk Indian from the Kahnawake reserve in Quebec, presented an authentic experience for the Brodhead students. Mrs. Mullins now resides in nearby Berea and represents her culture through presentation of traditional music, dance, art, storytelling and history of the Native American culture.

Brodhead’s Native American Culture Day was enriching for the students through a variety of hands-on experiences representing the Native American Culture. We would like to make a special thanks to those who took the time out of their days to open our student those experiences.

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