BES Preschools Learn About Winter Weather

BES preschoolers have been learning about different types of winter weather. The dramatic play center area has been converted into a weather station. Students can act out being a meteorologist by predicting the weather and using interchangeable weather pictures and temperatures to create a five day forecast. Props are also available to pretend to be a news reporter and cameraman. We created a science experiment about water droplets gathering in the clouds until the cloud is heavy and precipitation occurs. Our sensory table is filled with a soft, wet substance as snow. Students have really enjoyed feeling of the different textures and digging in the snow to find hidden items. Each month students receive a Scholastic reader called My Big World. January had an edition about ice and snow that furthered our new knowledge about winter weather. Pictured from BES preschool is a weather crew Ally Moore, Austin Barrett, and Evan Cable, testing the texture of the sand is Eli Hopkins, and Brain Kidwell, reading and discovering about the weather is Xander Settler, Trinity Sparks, Chelsea Kendall, Lucas Bishop, and Ben Barrett, our second weather crew is Rylee Thacker, Xander Settler, and Izabella McClure, working with the sand is Chelsea Kendall, Addilynn Carter, and showing off their handy winter art is Alana Doan, and Jade King.

preschool weather

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