BES Students Visit Sigmon Farm & Camp Wildcat

On October 20th BES 4th and 5th grade students traveled off campus to separate Rockcastle locations for on the road learning visiting Sigmon Farms and Camp Wildcat.

4th grade students were in for an exciting day of learning all about where their food comes from and the processes that it takes to get food from the farm to the table. Students learned about local heroes: bees, what was in the things they drink, the types of things that come from local farms, how important it is to take care of their water and soil. The favorite part of the day for many was visiting the pumpkin patch where they picked a pumpkin and tried pumpkin fluff. We are very thankful to Mr. Bill and Mrs. Nancy Sigmon for allowing our students this wonderful opportunity. We also appreciate all the adults that took time out of their day to help us learn more about the world around us.

5th grade students visited Camp Wildcat with the opportunity to attend the Reenactment of the Camp Wildcat battle originally taking place during the Civil War.  Brodhead students had the chance to see and hear the sights that would have been around during the Battle at Camp Wildcat. Students were presented with presentations to make them more aware of the way of life of a Civil War soldier, their common weapons, song and leisure activities, and culinary experience that took place around camp. The step back in time will be a moment that will continue to resonate inside students.BES Students at Sigmon Farm and Camp Wildcat

Pictured are Brodhead 4th and 5th grade action shots at Sigmon Farm and at Camp Wildcat.

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