BRAVO Students Portray Historic Figures

Rockcastle County Middle School students in Social Studies and Language Arts BRAVO researched historic figures in order to write monologues as these characters.

Students who were chosen to share their monologues with visiting 5th grade students were:

Gracelyn Owens (Small)

Gracelyn Owens declared the right of women to pursue their dreams as the first female medical doctor, Elizabeth Blackwell.

Michael Allen (Small)

Michael Allen brought Alfred Nobel, creator of dynamite and the Nobel Peace Prize, back to life for a day!

Zach Taylor (Small)

Zach Taylor portrayed Samuel Adams, one of America’s founding fathers.

Joseph Frith (Small)




7th grader Joseph Frith presented some of Abraham Lincoln’s most notable contributions to American history.

Jacob Cook (Small)


Jacob Cook used the well-known quote, “Give me liberty or give me death!” to catch the audience’s attention during his monologue as Patrick Henry.



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