Brodhead Elementary Introduces “Leaders are Readers”

Brodhead Elementary introduced “Leaders are Readers” leadership camp during the early summer break. During the 3 day camp, students were introduced to a unique learning experience encouraging students to allow their interpersonal skills to surface and evolve. Students were provided with the opportunity to feed their curiosity and high-aspiring minds exploring the frontiers of STEM activities. (STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Brodhead staff focused on the qualities of leadership and the discovery of individual capacities toward becoming next generation innovators, leaders, and professionals.

At Brodhead Elementary School we believe in helping our students become lifelong learners. At the heart of this mission is to teach our students to read and comprehend text well. With our “Leaders are Readers” camp we are planning for our 2017-2018 5th grade student participants to lead in this endeavor by becoming role models for our younger students. The summer training focused on activities that promoted both literacy and leadership skills. BES looks forward to the future growth of our program and shaping our young Brodheadians in their quest to becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Watch the video:

Pictured are student participates and BES alumni student instructors. Pictured left to right: Dylan Lefler, Dylan Gross, Dalton Hopkins, Brylee Mullins, Bailee Brooks, Abby Deleon, Danica Wallin, Iris Brown, Haley Hopkins, Jillian Wallin, Carson Neeley, and Mr. Derrick Bussell.

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