Brodhead FRC Shark Camp

Last week, Brodhead Elementary was transformed into Shark Camp! The BES Family Resource Center hosted 46 3rd, 4th and 5th graders for a 3-day, hands on Shark Camp.

During the week, campers learned about layers of the ocean, they made a ton of crafts, including shark soap, slime, keychains, air clay sharks and paper mache sharks.  Campers participated in shark inspired games and watched episodes of “Shark Week.”

On Wednesday, each camper was able to dissect their own dogfish shark.  While dissecting, the campers learned all about the parts of the shark. Some lucky campers found babies in their shark, one lucky camper found 11 pups.  In a few sharks, campers found their sharks “lunch” including crabs and oysters!

Shark Camp ended the week at The Newport Aquarium.  Campers explored the aquarium and was treated to the backstage experience.  Campers ended their day with lunch at LaRosa’s.

BES FRC would like to thank all the teachers, volunteers, and parents for making this week possible!

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