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News from Roundstone Elementary School.

RES Presidential Parade

Roundstone Elementary 3rd grade held a Presidential Parade on October 15, 2013. Each student dressed up and portrayed a President of the United States.  The Parade included our first president, George Washington, and ended with our current President Barack Obama. The third grade students gave speeches about presidential homes, their great accomplishments and their deaths.… Continue Reading RES Presidential Parade

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Fire Safety at RES

Members of the Brindle Ridge Volunteer Fire Department visited Roundstone Elementary on Friday, October 11. They caught us up on our fire safety knowledge, such as lying in the middle of the floor so you can be found, knowing our addresses and how to call 911, and much, much more. The firefighters let us explore… Continue Reading Fire Safety at RES

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RES Nature Walk

Roundstone Elementary second graders are beginning a unit investigation of the natural world and will read several stories about many aspects of nature.  The unit focuses on living things, including ants, grasshoppers, and trees, as well as nonliving things, such as rocks and birdhouses.  They went on a nature walk to gain a better understanding… Continue Reading RES Nature Walk

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Run Like Eagles 4K & 1 Mile Walk

WHEN:  Sunday, October 20, 2013, at 2 p.m.

WHERE: Roundstone Elementary. Event will start behind the gym.

WHAT:  The event is a 4K cross country race or a 1 mile fun walk. The entire event will be on Roundstone property. The course is contained, and will not be on any road ways. We will be strictly… Continue Reading Run Like Eagles 4K & 1 Mile Walk

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RES Students Create Clay Art & Learn Karate

On September 25, 2013 Roundstone Elementary School had an extravagant time with clay art and karate while parents and teachers conducted mid-term conferences.  Students went to the lunchroom to make clay art. They made magnificent works of art. They also learned about all kinds of clay art. Then they moved to the gym to learn… Continue Reading RES Students Create Clay Art & Learn Karate

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Thank You from Roundstone Elementary!

Roundstone Elementary Eagles’ Nest Parent Teacher Group would like to thank everyone for their support during the silent auction held on September 24th.  We were able to raise the money needed to purchase risers for RES student performances.  Your participation was greatly appreciated!

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RES Grandparent’s Day

Roundstone Elementary School held a Grandparent’s Day ice cream social on Friday, September 13, 2013. That day was filled with flavors, hugs, kisses, and fun. Students shared special gifts and class displays honoring this special day.  Mrs. Hurst and Mrs. Burdett’s fifth grade classes performed a skit titled “Who is an American”. It was a… Continue Reading RES Grandparent’s Day

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RES Students Attend McDonald’s Symphony at EKU

Roundstone Elementary School’s fourth and fifth graders attended the McDonald’s Symphony at EKU in Richmond on Thursday, September 12, 2013.  The students loved it.  Not only did they learn about all the different instruments of the orchestra, they also were amused by the funny jokes of Ronald McDonald.  The EKU symphony played a wide variety… Continue Reading RES Students Attend McDonald’s Symphony at EKU

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Student Enrollment Form

Rockcastle County Schools has a new Student Enrollment Information form that will be used at every school in the district.  This one form will replace the many forms that have been placed in folders and sent home at the beginning of school.   Our goal is to assist families in making the beginning of school as pleasant… Continue Reading Student Enrollment Form

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Roundstone Elementary School Supply List

The Roundstone Elementary School supply list is now available for download at the link below.

RES School Supply List 2013-2014

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