Chief Circuit Judge Burdette Speaks at Grandparent Support Group

Cumberland Region Chief Circuit Judge Jeffrey T. Burdette spoke to a Grandparent Support Group sponsored by the Family Resource and Youth Service Centers of Rockcastle county on February 16, 2017.  Burdette, who initiated adult drug courts in the 28th Judicial circuit (Rockcastle, Lincoln and Pulaski counties) in 2004, talked about the statistics associated with drug court graduates, treatment options and criminal cases associated with drug abuse.  He addressed the gathering by discussing the constitution, the separation of powers, and the joint efforts of community agencies and the court system in addressing prescription drug addiction.  He answered a variety of questions about recent changes in treatment modalities, court procedures and legal custody issues.

Burdette was Rockcastle County Attorney 1994-2003, and has been Circuit Judge for 14 years.  He is married to Twila and they have two children, Thomas and Zoe.

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