Clay County JROTC Raider Competition

By: CDT 2LT Ryan Martin

The Mighty Rocket Battalion competed in a raider competition in Clay County on Saturday, October 22nd. Approximately 20 teams from various schools around Kentucky participated, including two teams, A and B, from the Rocket Battalion. The competition consisted of numerous challenging events, including Tug-of-War, Rope Bridge, a field obstacle course, an obstacle course and a mystery event, which was a mixed group of activities unbeknownst to the participating teams beforehand. Rockcastle’s B-team earned 2nd place in the obstacle course event and the A-Team placed 3rd overall, meaning the team may not have reached a podium position in each event, yet consistently performed very well in all of the events.


A-Team-Holden Abrams, Tori Boggs, Ethan Saylor, Elijah Vaught, David Peavie, Amber Doan, William Boggs, Benton Kuntz, Sebastian Poynter, Patience Cotton

B-Team-Brian Cole, Johnathan Howard, William Morris, Matthew Gadd, Brody Johnston, Larry Vanwinkle, Austin Allen. Lydia Walker, Aleya Powell, Shawna Mink

Additional Cadets-Paige Fowler, Jacob Lamb, Elizabeth Barron, Zach Nelson, Eric Jackson, Emily Harris, Adrianne Walker, Hannah Johnston, Mark King, Jakob Mink


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