Corbin Field Day Competition

On February 22, 2014, the mighty Raider and Drill Teams traveled to Corbin, Kentucky to compete in the Corbin Field Day Competition. The teams competed against 12 other schools and in six events total: One Rope Bridge, Raider Challenge, Mystery Event, Tug-of-War, Relay, and Color Guard. The Raider Team placed second in the Mystery Event and placed third in the Relay Event. The Mystery Event consisted a set of clues in which cadets ran from point to point and answering a set of questions over basic leadership, map reading, and first aid skills. In the Relay Event, each cadet sprinted around a quarter of a mile track while passing a baton to the next cadet. Over all, both the Raider and Drill Teams did an exceptional job at this competition. They represented the battalion, school, and community well. Those cadets who attended are: Holden Abrams, Addison Atkin, Victoria Barron, Marina Blevins, Megan Boggs, Kamryn Brinegar, Jeremiah Caudill, Ame Chiantaretto, Samantha Collins, Dillion Doan, Josh England, Jodi Hellard, Timothy Henson, Tiffany Horn, Robbie Howard, Ethan Fain, Shania Lawson, William Martin, Katlyn McGee, Dakota Messinger, Shawn Osborne, Amber Rice, John Robinson, Samantha Skinner, Keavin Webb, David Wynn, Derek Wynn, and Derick Yates.

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