Dr. Callie Visits BES 4th Grade

The 4th Grade at BES would like to say THANK YOU!! to Dr. Callie for coming to our pod on Thursday, August 17th to discuss hygiene with us. Dr. Callie explained how it is natural for our body to produce sweat, but that bacteria is what causes the odor that we connect with sweating.  Dr. Callie talked to our students about the importance of taking a bath and making sure that we use soap and deodorant.  As a special treat Dr. Callie brought each of our 4th graders their own personal deodorant (courtesy of Mrs. Jana Bray, RHEC).  We appreciate Dr. Callie for taking time out of her busy day to come and speak to our 4th graders and answer questions that they had.  Our students enjoy having visitors come and speak to them about different professions, and learning about various jobs that will available to them in the future.

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