Eating Dandelions?

Written By:  Alyssa Howard and Marrick Hester – Roundstone First Grade

In first grade we’ve been learning about plants.  Did you know that you can eat those little, yellow dandelions that are in your yard?  At Roundstone we have lots of dandelions.  Ms. Noe told us about the Dandelion Festival in Berea.  She said people eat dandelions!  We thought she was joking, but she wasn’t.  We all went outside to pick a bunch of dandelions.  That was fun!  Then, we had to wash them carefully to get off the dirt.  Ms. Noe found a recipe on the internet.  She dipped the dandelions in the batter and fried them.  It didn’t take long at all.  Finally, we got to taste them.  Thirteen students liked them, but three didn’t.  We thought dandelions tasted like biscuits.  YUM! We even had enough to share with the other first grade class and the teachers.  Mr. Bishop even tried one too.  We will never forget eating dandelions in first grade! You should try them.



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