EKU Cadet Stakes Competition

On Saturday September the 29th the RCHS JROTC Raider Team traveled to Eastern Kentucky University for the Cadet Stakes competition. They participated in six events over the course of the day.

Click photo to watch video of rope bridge.

The first event was the APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test). This event consisted of 3 different sections. First, cadets did one minute of push-ups and directly following did one minute of sit-up’s. The last section of the event was the one mile run over a muddy and hilly cross country track. The event that was the highlight of the day was the one rope bridge. A ten person team had to construct a one rope bridge across a muddy entrenchment and cross it with every member and the equipment, trying to get the fastest time as possible without any penalties. The team placed 3rd in this event out of 35 teams, over 25 schools, and over 500 cadets. The team completed the rope bridge in 2:52 with no penalties. Other events included a ball toss, litter carry (cadets carried heavy equipment through obstacles), a boat event, and a Mystery Event. The mystery event was the final event of the day and tested the teams mental, physical, and leadership abilities. The team did exceptional in all events throughout the day.

After a long day of hard work cadets came home with not only muddy uniforms and blisters but with new knowledge and knowing they gave all they had in each event. The team members that went were Addision Atkin, Megan Boggs, Ame Chiantaretto, Bentley Collins, Austin Daniel, Crystal Doan, Josh England, Dana Hatfield, Justin Houk, Mark Hupp, Shania Lawson, Annamarie Leader, Josh Linville, Brady McClure, Katlyn McGee, Chris Morrow, Tori Phillips, Adam Ramey, Austin Ramsey, Ryan Rawlins, Austin Smith, Victoria Smith, Dylan Stewart, and Derick Yates.


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