EKU Cadet Stakes Raider Competition

Twenty-seven Cadets from the RCHS Raider team competed in the EKU Cadet Stakes competition September 29th. The competition consisted of six events starting with a Modified Physical Fitness Test (MPFT), then a one-rope-bridge, grenade toss, boat relay race, litter relay race, and a mystery event.

The Modified Physical Fitness Test is an Army physical fitness test in which Cadets must perform as many sit-ups and push-ups as they can in one minute. Lastly, Cadets had to partake in a one-mile terrain run.

Next event of the day was a one-rope-bridge. Cadets were expected to suit up and tie a rope from one pole to another pole as fast as they could, as well as hook Cadets to this rope and glide from one side to the other.

The grenade toss was the third event of the day. Cadets were split into three lanes: standing, kneeling, and prone. At each position, Cadets had to complete a movement sequence specific to their assigned position and toss a grenade shell across a field to two points in the field to earn points for their team.

After the grenade toss was the boat relay race. The boat relay was a two-team event in which each team must assign a captain and guide themselves from the starting position, around a buoy, and back to the starting position again in a nearby pond.

Second to last was the litter carry. The litter carry is an extremely physically challenging event in which a team of six or seven people must carry a stretcher filled with heavy ammo cans and boxes across a field, around a tree, and back again twice in a row.

Last event was the mystery event. The mystery event was a tug-of-war championship between all participating schools.

We would like to thank EKU and the coordinating Cadets in charge of running and supervising the event for allowing us to come and compete!

Raider Competition Raider Competition Raider Competition Raider Competition Raider Competition


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