EKU Cadet Stakes Raider Competition

On September 28th, cadets from The Rocket Battalion Raider Team went to the Eastern Kentucky University Cadet Stakes Raider Competition. Two teams, an A Team and a B Team, perform in six events throughout the day.

Cadets performed physical and mental challenged events, such as: the  Army Physical Fitness Test, One Rope Bridge, Boat Race, Litter Relay (where cadets had to carry heavy equipment through several obstacles), and Mystery Event (cadets had to carry a heavy wooden pole 20 meters, give 25 push-ups per cadet, and push a Humvee 25 meters).

The Physical Training Test consisted of three different sections. Cadets had to perform as many push-ups possible within a one minute time period, and was directly followed by one minute of sit-ups. The last section of the event was a one mile terrain run. The A Team placed with a score of 13, B Team placed with a score of 30.

The One Rope Bridge was an event that cadets had been working hard at. Cadets had to construct a one rope bridge going across a stream, with each member crossing it with all their equipment. The teams’ objective was to complete the one rope bridge with the fastest time possible and the least penalties possible. A Team placed with a team score of 10, and the B Team placed with a score of 17.

Cadets were competing against 39 teams from other counties and states. Each cadet pushed themselves mentally and physically throughout the day.

At the end of a long day of competition, teams gathered for the award ceremony. The mighty Rocket Raiders received a participation plaque and streamer. Cadets Holden Abrams, Addison Adkin, Logan Anglin, Victoria Barron, Marina Blevins, Megan Boggs, Jeremiah Caudill, Israel Carry, Amethyst Chiantaretto, Josh England,  Dillion Doan, Luther Garrett, Jeriah Hamm, Tiffany Horn, Marybeth Hurst, Shania Lawson, Christopher Powell, Austin Ramsey,  John Robinson,  Andrew Sizemore,  Jacob Wade, Keavin Webb, and Brittany Wright all participated in the EKU Cadet States.

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