Estill County JROTC Raider Event

By Ryan Martin

The Rockcastle County High School JROTC Raider Team competed in the 3rd Annual Spartan Crucible Competition in Estill County on Saturday, September 10th, 2016. Seven teams from around the state competed in the event, with each team consisting of ten cadets and three alternatives, with a minimum of two female cadets on the team at all times. The competition consisted of five competitive events, including a team 5k run, a rope climb, and a mystery event. The competition truly pushed the cadets with ‘The Trevor “Meat” Charles warm-up and the ‘Spartan “Dirk” Challenge’. For the Trevor “Meat” Charles warm-up, the team was required to flip two tractor tires down a 100 yard stretch, along with carrying four ammo crates and two ammo cans, with the fastest team winning the event. Equally difficult was the “Dirk” challenge, which had the ten person team complete a series of team exercises while carrying a giant log, lovingly dubbed “Dirk”. The cadets were required to complete a lap around a track, ten shoulder presses, ten sit-ups, ten curls and ten squats, all while supporting the log as a team. The Rocket Battalion Raiders performed to the best of their abilities at the event.

Cadets: Victoria Boggs*, Emily Harris, Lydia Walker, Shawna Mink, Paige Fowler, Patience Cotton*, Hannah Johnston, Amber Doan*, Clair Beichler, Aleya Powell, Elizabeth Barron, Matthew Gadd*, Eric Jackson, Austin Allen, David Thacker*, Sebastian Poynter*, Brody Johnston, Ethan Saylor*, Jordan Davidson, Billy Boggs*, Johnathan Howard, Larry Vanwinkle, Cody Morris*, Eli Vaught*, Chanler Cole, Charles Kuntz*, Holden Abrams, Jacob Lamb, Jakob Mink, David Peavie*, Zach Nelson*

*Denotes participation/alternate

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