First Graders at Roundstone Use PhotoCard App

By Colin Hamilton, Ally Chandler, and Ms. Noe

In our first grade class we have learned about an app called PhotoCard.  You take a picture and then write about the picture.  You can even pick out a stamp and sticker to go on your photocard.  We use it to communicate with our class and other people.  The best part is it looks just like a postcard when you send it!  We sent our principal, Mr. Mullins, a photocard telling him what we were doing in class.  We are sending photocards from home too.  I, Colin, sent a picture of my dog, Frank.  I wrote some sentences about him.  I, Ally, sent a picture of me on my dirt bike.  Our friend, Hannah, is sending us photocards from Florida at Disney World.  She has sent us four pictures.   We love seeing her pictures in Florida and hearing what she has to say.  Our class is sending her pictures too.  The Photocard app is pretty cool and fun to use!

ally colin

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