Fort Boonesborough Raider Invitational

This weekend, April 11, 2015, Rockcastle County High School JROTC sent two teams to Fort Boonesborough Raider Invitational: A Raider Team and Air Rifle Biathlon to represent the Mighty Rocket Battalion. Both teams performed spectacularly in all events and brought home two first place trophies.

The Air Rifle Team placed first in their event, the biathlon, which consisted of a 5 man team running 650 meters carrying a series of weighted equipment and then shooting prone for a total of 1000 points possible, 200 points per person. Dakota Messinger received special recognition for scoring a total of 195 points out of 200, the highest male score at the event.

The Raider Team placed first in the PFRC (a physical fitness relay event) which consisted of a crab walk, 10 burpees, backwards running, 10 squats, running up and down stairs, carrying two water jugs, and 10 sit-ups, all which required great endurance and strength. The other events the Raider Team participated in included a River Trek, Mountain Trek, Orienteering, Map Reading, and One Rope Bridge. All events that both teams were in tested strength, endurance, intelligence, leadership skills, and team work; all skills that a good team needs.

Fort Boonesborough Raider Invitational

The cadets present (from right to left and front to rear) are as follows: Will Martin, Addison Atkins, Dillion Doan, Tori Barron, Elijah Didelot, Marina Blevins, Adrianne Walker, Zac Nelson, Jacob Sizemore, Holden Adrams, Matthew Gadd, Tyler Robinson, Dakota Messinger, Andrew Sizemore, Jacob Durham, Aaron Pevely, Kyle Cash, Ryan Martin, and Clare Beichler.

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