George Rogers Clark Annual Raider and Biathlon Invitational

On the weekend of April 15 and 16, 2016, two teams from the Rockcastle County High School JROTC Rocket Battalion traveled to Fort Boonesborough to compete. The two teams that competed were the Rocket Raiders and the Rocket Biathlon Rifle team. The Raider team competed in many events such as: Mountain Trek, River Trek, Land Navigation, One Rope Bridge, and Map Reading Skills. The Biathlon Team competed in one event: The Biathlon Run and Shoot.

The night before, both of the teams were able to camp out, so they could wake early the next morning and put forth their best efforts in bringing home a trophy. The Raider Team worked their hardest but did not bring home their well-deserved trophy. However, the Biathlon Team did bring home a 3rd place trophy that we proudly get to set next to the others. The group that competed with the Rifle team consisted of: Dakota Fredrick, Jacob Lamb, Steven Rowe, Nathaniel Morris, Zach Nelson, Brody Johnston, and Kyle Cash.

george rogers clark

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