Harmon Featured in Kentucky Teacher

Rockcastle science teacher sharing how student engagement has worked in her classroom

Posted on 25 August 2015


Stephanie Harmon works with seniors Calan Cromer and Jacob Witten as they research volcanoes during earth science class at Rockcastle County High School. Student engagement is a key component in Harmon’s classes, and she frequently shares her classroom experiences with other teachers in her role as a consultant.

By Mike Marsee

Stephanie Harmon isn’t just going to stand there.

The Rockcastle County High School teacher wants her students to participate rather than simply listen during her science classes. She also works to share her strategies with other teachers.

Harmon tells her fellow educators that student engagement is essential. She can offer evidence of its success that she has seen in her own classroom.

“They (students) have an increased understanding,” Harmon said. “That changes my role so that instead of me just kind of standing there and being this grand deliverer of knowledge, I really become more of a facilitator of their learning experience.”

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