Jeff Sheppard and Jarrod Polson Visit RES

Roundstone Elementary School had quite a surprise on April 18, 2014.  Jeff Sheppard and Jarrod Polson came to tell students the importance of school on their motivational program “School is Cool Tour”. Jarrod Polson told about his experience with school and basketball.  He explained what it takes to be a student athlete.  “We get up in the morning, grab a small breakfast, then go to class for a few hours. After that, we hit the gym and have a quick workout. Then, we go back to class until 6:00 pm, then practice for a game.”  That sounds like a lot of hard work, but he told the students to believe in themselves and be a leader.  He also stressed the importance of having good character and a positive attitude.  If you ask me, it was quite a surprise!! –Submitted by Zeke Ross 5th grade.

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