JROTC 14 Mile Hike

Saturday November 3rd2012, the RCHS JROTC program took 22 cadets to hike 14 miles at the Shellotowee trail. Cadets began their hike at the mouth of the Laurel River and ended up at Cumberland Falls. During the hike the participating cadets cleared the trail by picking up trash and at camp shelters; cleaned up the shelters and fire pits.  The hike took 6 hours to complete and was led by Senior Army Instructor Captain Jeffery Thompson and Army Instructor SFC. Keith Graves.  All cadets that participated can agree that the hike was a wonderful experience. The participating cadets were Daniel Amyx, Addison Atkin, Samantha Collins, Jacob Durham, Josh England, Dana Hatfield, Jacob Houk, Justin Houk, Tiffany Horn, Robbie Howard, Josh Linville, Jessica Mason, Justin Mason, Brady McClure, Katlyn McGee, Chris Morrow, John Mullins, Ryan Rawlins, Andrew Sizemore, and Derrick Yates. Special thanks to CPT. Jeffery Thompson and SFC. Keith Graves for taking the cadets and all parents who allowed their cadets to attend this event.

Cadets after the hike at the beautiful Cumberland Falls.

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