JROTC Adventure Team Hike

On May 7th the Rockcastle County’s JROTC Adventure Team went to Sheltowee Trace Trail. Cadets were bussed out to the trail and then divided up into teams in the areas of trash pick-up, people to record trail status, and a trail clearing crew.

The group learned how to efficiently use the GPS to navigate through the hiking trail in order to record the coordinates of any major obstacles such as waterholes or fallen trees. This use of the GPS helped cadets to be aware of how far from the starting point they were at any given time.

Throughout this hike, a total of seven miles, it enabled students to be aware that they should make an effort to keep their environment clean as well as assessing their physical endurance while learning to effectively navigate  through such.   SFC Keith Graves reminded our group that a hike is not a stroll but an exercise that required the group to move at a fast pace.

Cadets who participated include: Andrew Barrett, Victoria Barron, Claire Beichler, Marina Blevins, Kyle Cash, Valerie Cummins, Robert Davis, Elijah Didelot, Matthew Gadd, Dana Hatfield, Tim Henson, Claudia Holstein, Marybeth Hurst, Ryan Martin, William Meritt, Dakota Messinger, Michelle Mink, Zach Nelson, Shatarra Prickett, Austin Ramsey, Amber Rice, Steven Rowe, Andrew Sizemore, Trevor Sweet, and Adrianne Walker

trash pickup

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