JROTC Cadets Serve at Wildcat Mountain

A group of cadets participated in a community service event at the Civil War Reenactment during the weekend of October 20-22, 2017. Henry Smith, the Operations Officer from the Laurel Home Guard, has said on numerous occasions that, without help from the Rocket Battalion JROTC it would be hard to host Camp Wildcat to the public. Each cadet had a job and contributed differently during this event.

The group of cadets sectioned off into four separate groups: Disabled parking, Donations, Regular parking, and Trash detail. The donations group greeted guest at the entrance and received more than $1,800.00 for the Laurel Home Guard, while traffic went on smoothly thanks to the supervision of the cadets. The environment was also made to stay clean thanks to the trash detail.

While attending Wildcat Mountain, the cadets got to enjoy themselves by camping and doing recreational activities such as dancing in the barn Saturday night. Cadets cooked the Camp Wildcat Reenactors a breakfast of: biscuits, gravy, scrambled eggs, tenderloin and or sausage and a dessert of fried apples. The following cadets will be awarded the JROTC Commendation Ribbon (N-3-7) for outstanding performance of assigned duties; Hannah Cloepfil, Shawna Mink, David Peavie and Shetarra Prickett.

The Rocket Battalion would like to thank the Laurel Home Guard Staff for giving us such a great opportunity in gaining community service and allowing us to camp. The cadets had a wonderful time and a very memorable experience.

JROTC at Camp Wildcat

Cadets Participated (Group Picture Order): Elijah Vaught, Shetarra Prickett, Eva Jackson, Lydia Walker, Jacob Lamb, Eric Jackson, Gabriel Tackett, Kensie Sheffield, Shawna Mink, Benton Kuntz, Aleya Powell, Amber Doan, Walker Lay, Zach Robinson, Tyler Wood, Larry Vanwinkle, Jake Neely, Clare Beichler, Cody Morris, Hunter Medley, Cager Doan, Chanler Cole, David Peavie, and Hannah Cloepfil-Johnston.

JROTC at Camp Wildcat JROTC at Camp Wildcat JROTC at Camp Wildcat JROTC at Camp Wildcat JROTC at Camp Wildcat JROTC at Camp Wildcat JROTC at Camp Wildcat

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