JROTC Competes in National Raider Competition

The Rockcastle County JROTC High School Raider Team traveled all the way to Molena Georgia in order to compete in the National Raider Competition. We camped the nights of November 3rd and 4th and left around 2 PM on Sunday. Ethan Saylor, Elijah Vaught, Kensie Sheffield, Nathan Renner, Billy Boggs, Benton Kuntz, Sebastian Poynter, Lydia Walker, Shawna Mink, and Amber Doan all competed in a 5 Kilometer run, the Cross County Rescue (3 quarter mile run with 35 pound backpacks and a 95 pound litter, a waist deep mud crawl and a 6 foot wall), the One Rope bridge, the “Raider Gauntlet” (a run through woods with 35 pound backpacks, an 8 foot wall, and tunnels that cadets had to crawl through), and the Physical Team Test ( a run where cadets had to carry various items, such as a canoe, or ammo crates). Overall, we placed 21st out of 31 schools, and the entire team was given chest medals and a group photo.

JROTC at National Competition

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