JROTC Flag Raising Ceremony at American SourceCorp

On May 12, 2017 five cadets, Charles Kuntz, Aleya Powell, Paige Fowler, Sebastian Poynter, and Chanler Cole, from the Rockcastle County High School JROTC program performed a Flag Raising Ceremony at American SourceCorp in Mt. Vernon, Kentucky. The cadets marched to the flagpole and presented the folded flag to three of the veterans also attending the ceremony. Other veterans working at ASC were in a platoon formation saluting the flag as it was raised. Including the cadets from the Rocket Battalion, Veterans, and workers there was about 35 people present at the ceremony who watched the first flag at the Mt. Vernon ASC go up. A few words were said by one of the workers thanking past, present, and future veterans for what they have, are, or will do for this amazing country.  A special thanks to Danny Bishop who requested JROTC help with this  Flag Project.

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