Junior Cadet Leadership Camp 2017

On May 27th through May 31st, 12 JROTC cadets from Rockcastle County High School attended Junior Cadet Leadership Camp (JCLC) at the Bluegrass Army Depot. All our Cadets pushed themselves to the limit and were successful in all activities. The cadets that attended were:  Clare Beichler, Shawna Mink, Aleya Powell, Billy Boggs, Chanler Cole, Jordan Davidson, Benton Kuntz, Hunter Medley, Cody Morris, David Peavie, and Larry Vanwinkle.

The first day, Saturday, May 27th the cadets arrived at the Depot. Due to the strict expectations of the Platoon Leaders, cadets were taught how to organize and make their beds and hang their uniforms to set standards.  Cadets were required to have everything according to the barracks Standard Layout Document which showed a particular order of clothing, equipment, and specific measurements for the uniforms. The cadets were expected to keep the designated barracks clean, if they failed to do so they were expected to use their free time until the barracks met the standards.

On Sunday, the cadets woke up early in the morning to do the Army Physical Fitness test. The Army Physical Fitness test consists the maximum amount of pushups a cadet can do in two minutes, the maximum amount of sit ups a cadet can do in two minutes, and a one mile run. After this the cadets marched to the mess hall for a well-deserved breakfast. Next the cadets went to rappel training to get familiar with the movements needed. During the afternoon cadets went to survival training where they learned the following:  how to build a fire, how to filter water, how to make a shelter from ponchos, and how to treat someone using first aid. In the evening the day ended with a one rope bridge contest.

Monday, the cadets had their water day which started at the Bluegrass Army Depot pool. The cadets started off with a swim test to make sure they knew how to swim. After it was certified they could swim they were tasked with jumping off the diving board while blindfolded. Then each cadet had to jump into the pool using a pair of ACU’s pants as a floatation device so they could learn some more water survival skills. In the afternoon the cadets were bused out to Lake Buck where they learned how to paddle a raft, steer it, and use teamwork to help each other back into the raft after having to jump out. After the evening meal the entire battalion marched to the One Rope Bridge site to finish the competition between the cadets and the cadre (instructors) for who could put up and get across a rope bridge the fastest.

Tuesday was the best day of camp and the most challenging for everyone. The company was broken down into two platoons who travelled to their designated spots in Richmond. The morning was spent on the EKU high ropes course, where cadets got the chance to conquer their fear of heights. They were strapped into a safety harness and used teamwork to get across the various obstacles on the high ropes course. A new challenge was offered to the cadets in the form of the 50-foot tower that cadets had to climb and tap the knobs at the very top. In the afternoon cadets were bussed to the Richmond Fire Department to rappel off a 40-foot tower. The day wrapped up with going back on base and completing several team building activities. The cadets were treated to a cookout at the very end of the day to congratulate them on their completion of JCLC.

The final day was the Award Ceremony. It started out with the clearing of bunks and moving everyone’s things out of the barracks. The Award Ceremony started with the awarding of silver muskets to successful cadets. This musket signifies that they completed everything at JCLC to the best of their ability. Benton Kuntz was awarded with the Overall Company Leadership award for his performance at the JCLC Leadership board. Clare Beichler and Benton Kuntz were both awarded with the Individual Squad Leadership Award. Billy Boggs, Hunter Medley, David Peavie, and Larry Vanwinkle all received awards for helping their squads place in the One Rope Bridge Competition.

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