RCMS United Nations Assembly

Several Student YMCA members attended the United Nations Assembly in Louisville on March 24-26.  Ambassadors representing RCMS were Emily Hall, Lauren King, Sierra Hansel, Brooklyn Smithern, Bailey Taylor, Chelsea Barnett, Mackenzie King, Lucas Jones, J.D. Hamilton, Evan Hendrickson, Jackson Cromer, Cole Ballinger, Sheradyn Cox, Mikaela Sadler, Caroline White, Courtlyn Vanhook, Caleb Ballinger, and Thomas Burdette.

Congratulations to the proposal authors at the Kentucky United Nation Assembly. Proposal #42 presented by Emily Hall, Brooke Smithern, Lauren King, and Caroline White to minimize the number of orphans and baby dumping in Namibia by adoptions was passed in the Summit on Monday.

Also passing in the Summit was proposal #73 by J.D. Hamilton, Cole Ballinger, Bailey  Taylor and Evan Hendrickson.  This proposal called for standard education guidelines for UN countries in order to better educate kids in Zimbabwe.

Congratulations also to Courtlyn Vanhook.  Courtlyn was a candidate for the executive committee and, after two excellent speeches and great campaigning by her delegation, finished in the top four.  Congratulations also to Caleb Ballinger for his excellent job as a member of the leadership team and to Jackson Cromer on his Outstanding Ambassador Award.  Mikaela Sadler did great work as well as a Parliamentarian, as did Mackenzie King serving as a Media Corp member.

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