Kindergarten Students Learn About KY Derby

Mrs. Imogene Williams’ and Mrs. Tanya Clark’s kindergarten classes at Roundstone Elementary School have been learning about Kentucky, Kentucky traditions including the Kentucky Derby, and animals.
We had a Derby Day Celebration. The students were treated to cupcakes decorated and placed in the shape of a horse. We had Roundstone Mint Juleps.
As a family involvement activity, each student designed and created a Derby Silk, which they wore in our Roundstone Derby.
As a culminating activity, Dr. David Bullock visited our classes to discuss how to care for horses and horse safety. He brought his Tennessee Walking Horse, Sunshine. Each child had the opportunity to sit on Sunshine, who was adorned with a beautiful saddle and a garland of roses, and have his/her picture taken wearing his/her silk.
Special thanks to Dr. David Bullock for visiting and sharing his knowledge and Sunshine; Mrs. Sharon Lovell for making and designing our cupcake horse; Mrs. Tanya Adkins for being our photographer and making our race horses; Mrs. Jamica Richards for our Roundstone Mint Juleps; and Mrs. Pam Burdette for creating our Garland of Roses.

res derby (Small)

res derby 2 (Small)

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