LINK Crew Helps Freshmen Make Successful Transition

RCHS held Freshmen Orientation on August 11, 2015.  A select group of junior and senior students were chosen as leaders of this program.  The LINK Crew students helped freshmen with their transition to RCHS.  The freshmen students and their LINK Crew leaders played games, toured the school, and received their schedules.

The LINK Crew students will check up on their freshmen students throughout the year and will plan cool events for them to participate in.  We are excited to have a great group of freshmen students at RCHS.  Thanks to our LINK Crew students for making the freshmen transition to the high school much easier.

Link Crew 1

LINK Crew leaders getting ready for orientation

link crew 2

Freshmen at Orientation

Link Crew 4

Super Heroes Group

Link Crew 5

Risky Business Group

Link Crew 6

Cowboys Group


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