Meals to You – Program Update 5/13/20

Rockcastle County Schools are pleased to announce that over 950 Rockcastle County households (1880 individual children) enrolled in the Meals to You program through Baylor University.

District staff have worked this week to verify households and correct any address issues. Approved households will receive a confirmation email from Meals to You in the very near future.

Because of the rural nature of our county, a few households may receive an email with a statement similar to the following:

“Our shipping address confirmation service was unable to confirm your address, so we completed the process manually. Please check over this address as soon as possible, making certain you can receive packages at the address exactly as written below.

If this address is correct, no action is needed and you can disregard this email.”

If you receive this message and the address listed in the email is correct, there is no further action needed. If you need to update your address, use the link found at the bottom of your email from Meals to You.

Other Updates:  

Can we add additional families?

  • Unfortunately, due to program parameters we are not able to enroll additional families.

Shipping Timeline

  • Meals to You works directly with UPS, USPS, and FedEx for deliveries. Keep in mind that the first shipment to a community is the one most likely to be late as the carriers adjust to the influx of boxes. Subsequent shipments are expected to be faster. You may also wish to sign up for UPS My ChoiceUSPS Informed Delivery, or FedEx. All are completely free, and they’ll notify you any time a box is on the way to you!

Program Dates

  • Meals to You will be available through June 30.

Delivery Issues / Damaged Packages

  • If there is a delivery issue (i.e. a box not delivered when the carrier said it would arrive or the box sustained damage in shipping), families should email describing the issue.

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