Meteorologist Bill Meck Visits RES

Bill’s Weather 101

By Kassie Coffey and Kendra Hoover

Bill Meck came to Roundstone Elementary School on December 15 and met up with fourth graders to teach us about weather. One thing that he taught us was about lighting. He told us that negative energy zig zags to try to get to the positive energy, but the air tries to stop the negative energy from getting to the positive energy. If the negative energy gets to the positive energy, then it creates a shock which is called lighting. Bill also said that if that if we are outside that we should go inside as quickly as possible. Bill also taught us about hail. He said that a little drop of water meets a piece of ice and the ice sticks to the water and it makes bigger pieces of ice which is turning into hail. He also said that the biggest piece of hail in Kentucky was the size of a softball. Another thing that Bill taught us about was tornadoes. He said that if there is a tornado then you should go somewhere safe fast. He told us that the word duck will help us remember what to do if there is a tornado. He said that the D stands for “down to the lowest floor in your house”. The U stands for “under something sturdy’’. The C stands for “center of the house’’ and the K stands for “keep under’’. That is some of what Bill Meck taught us fourth graders here at Roundstone Elementary School.

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