Mt. Vernon Message 10/15/2018

Spirit Card sales end October 18.

Archery practice is each Wednesday 3:15-5:00.

Hooked on Reading meets one more time on October 31.

Class News

Mrs. Kathy’s and Mrs. Kaci’s first grade classes had a fall field trip to Haney’s Appledale Farm last week.  The students learned a lot about apples and even got to pick their own bag of apples to bring home.  They also had a great time at Somersport Park where they had a picnic lunch together, enjoyed some fresh apple cider and apple rolls from Haney’s, and played on the AWESOME playground!!

Mt. Vernon Message 10-15-18

Mt. Vernon Fire Department visited Mrs. Kami and Ms. Lisa’s Kindergarten students.

Mt. Vernon Message 10-15-18

Mt. Vernon Message 10-15-18

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