Mt. Vernon Message 9/26/2018

MV MessageRockcastle County Farm Bureau Board, in promoting Ag Literacy, commissioned Joe Howard to build a mobile bookcase in the shape of a barn.  Several County Farm Bureaus have used the “book barn” idea to promote Ag related topics.  The purpose of the barn is to have a common area for the library’s books on Agriculture and farm related topics to be placed.  Along with the barn, we also had several Ag related books, including American Farm Bureau’s book of the year, “John Deere, That’s Who” to add to their collection.  The first barn built was presented to Mt. Vernon Elementary School’s library.  The goal is to place one in each of the Elementary schools!

Below, Maddox Parsons and Dillan Bullock enjoyed reading farm books displayed in the book barn during a learning station rotation in our library media center.

MV Message

Class News

Students in Sara Coguer’s fifth grade class made “edible” landform and salt dough landform dioramas recently. Students were able to identify important landforms such as an ocean, river, lake, mountain, valley, plateau, and plain.


Fifth grade students at MVES recently competed in “Measurement Olympics”, competing to see who could fly a paper airplane, blow a balloon and release, hit a cotton golf ball, paper plate discus and standing long jump. Students then converted their measurement from inches to feet and inches and yards and inches.

MV Message

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