MVES 5th Grade Planning to Read… Reading to Plan….

Students in Mrs. Wendy King’s Fifth Grade Class put their reading and math skills hard to work with a project that really PAID OFF! Each month, students look through their Scholastic Book Club flyer making their own “wish list” of items they’d love to have if they had unlimited funds… What if?? That’s the question their teacher posed, “What if you had $150 to spend… the only catch is you MUST purchase books for each grade level in our school and be prepared to defend why you think this is a good purchase?” The students began their planning and calculating, dove into their learning and fun! Mrs. Susan, our Library Media Specialist caught wind of their Book Club project and agreed to review the projects and FULLY FUND the best proposal and purchase ALL $150 of the books on the winning student’s book order! Students worked furiously defending their rationales for each purchase and working hard to carefully spend their “now real” $150…  Each student in Mrs. King’s Class learned lots about their math skills and how to write to persuade others throughout this project. The student with the winning Scholastic Book Order Project was Ms. Laura Beth Saylor. Congratulations, Laura Beth and to each student in Mrs. King’s class- who knew Scholastic Book Orders could be so much fun and that we could LEARN SO MUCH!

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