MVES Laptops for Students Fundraiser

Students at MVES recently participated in the Laptops for Students fundraiser.  Students raised enough money to purchase three student laptops at this time, with the hopes for more fundraisers in the near future.  Our goal is to raise enough money to buy thirty student laptops with a mobile cart/docking station.

Five student names were drawn from all of the students who were able to sell at least $50.  Also, one top selling student received the big prize of $50 for her efforts.

Top Seller $50 Winner: Jacklyn Stephens in Mrs. Sheila McQueary’s room

$20 Prize Winners:

  • Kaylee King in Mrs. Jerri Lynn Smith’s room
  • Ethan Weaver in Ms. Lora Lamberts’ room
  • Stephen Eversole in Ms. Kami Lovell’s room
  • Brianna McClure in Mrs. Kristy Parkey’s room
  • Andrew Powell in Mrs. Paula Davis’ room

Thank you to all student and parents who helped with the fundraiser!

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