MVES Third Graders Hear Stories Like They’ve Never Heard Before…

Imagine a story like none you’ve ever heard…told with an accent that makes the story come alive and be easy for your mind (young or old) to relate to- these are the simple stories that shed light on everyday life in Appalachia and lessons on character and ultimately teach how to become “pro-efficient” in life and in ”skool”… Polly Sue, came to town and leave an impression did she ever… Mount Vernon Elementary School Third Graders were amazed at her tales and were able to walk away with a little bit a knowledge from her “sack full of memories” that may help them in their lives from now on- these tender lessons Polly Sue learned thanks to Miss Teacher and people like Bertha who shaped her “memberings” to be able to share with Mount Vernon Elementary Students. Her tales were jammed packed with content examples too such as hyperboles like “she sent me up to the sky” , metaphors/similes such as “fast as lightning” so students walked away with much more than just a great character education story- they left with examples of their content coming to life thanks to Ms. Polly Sue- (Which we like see her daily walking our halls as our very own Ms. Pamela Anderson-teacher at Mount Vernon Elementary.) Thanks Ms. Pam for the brilliant stories you shared on April 2, 2015.


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